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The Union of Calligraphers Makes Fast Progress on the Hand-Written Constitution

“The project of writing of the Constitution of the Russian Federation by hand is worthy of the attention of any calligrapher, for whom such work is a great honour and an act of trust”. (V. E. Saliev)

“The idea of Alexey Yurievich is striking in its grandiosity and monumentality! Certainly, each calligrapher and artist wouldn’t want to stay away from such an exciting Project …” (V.V. Shapovalov)

These are the excerpts from letters and messages by calligraphers responding to the offer to make their contribution to the Project of the hand-written Constitution of the Russian Federation. Nobody’s left untouched: so many interesting ideas, and all of them are not only professional (providing recommendations and advice concerning decoration, design, style, the font and decor), but are also permeated by inspiration and personal empathy in wishing the Project well.

“… All subjects of the Projects [team of the museum and exhibition complex] are there to support the problem of strengthening the status of the Russian state, building patriotism, and preservation of national heritage …” (Georgy and Nina Kozubovs)

The project of the handwritten Constitution is actively pursued by Chobitko P. P, Saliev V. E, Taranov N.N., Pronenko L.I., Shapovalov V.V., Kozubov G. I, Evstafeva V, and Semchenko P. A.

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