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The New Surprises of the December Exhibition

The first International Exhibition of Calligraphy was held in St. Petersburg.

To be able to answer the Petersburgers’ teasers the organizers of the Moscow exhibition invited Larisa Drygval, professional graphologist, DSc (psychology), the only Moscow specialists of the Inessa Goldberg School of Graphic Analysis to participate in the Mystery of World Calligraphy Project.

The graphological aspect of calligraphy, talk about the common aspects and differences in graphology and calligraphy, an interesting lecture on psychological meaning of various forms of handwriting, master classes which will visually prove the abilities of graphology. All this proves that the good comes to the one who can wait.

However, the Organizers have prepared a pleasant surprise for those who cannot wait till December. Anyone willing can handwrite a letter and signature with a ball pen on a blank sheet of paper, scan it and e-mail to: info@grafologia.co.il and be sure to get an answer with an expert’s analysis of your handwriting.

We are glad to please those who desire glory: in the future most of the letters and their analysis will be demonstrated at the exhibition.

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