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The Official Grand Opening Ceremony of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

It is a pleasure and honour to us to announce that the 17th of September has witnessed an official Grand Opening Ceremony of the International Calligraphy Exhibition!  This is a true highlight and a must-visit for calligraphy experts and professionals. A lot of people who have a tender spot for this art were edgily looking forward to this Event to take place.


Alexey Shaburov, Project Manager, Director of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Director General of the MVK Holding Company, delivered a welcoming speech and greeted all exhibition guests, journalists, media representatives and professional calligraphy writers. He noted the ever-increasing importance and large social role of the present Forum.

During the official opening ceremony the genuine gurus of calligraphy art: Chen Wen-Fu from China, Petr Petrovich Chobitko from Russia and Abraham Ershem Borschevsky from Israel; make a joint presentation of this beautiful art. The awesome trio’s presentation was accompanied by the Terem-Quartet music band. It was a unique presentation made within a 100{558cfc34860e1026a57ac76d37c3532ceb53d601450dfdd6e8fc2a17bc11e681} cross-cultural environment!

Our visitors did not only see intriguing exhibits and interesting demonstration samples, but also chanced to enjoy the performance of the most recognized choirs of Saint-Petersburg: the Chamber Choir of Smolny Cathedral.

No doubt, the presentation of the manuscript of the Constitution of the Russian Federation happened to become the core Event of today’s Grand Opening Ceremony. This manuscript was prepared jointly by the National Union of Calligraphers and the Rare Book from Saint-Petersburg Publishing House.

The International Calligraphy Exhibition is a momentous Event for Russia’s and the world’s cultural life. It blends delicate aesthetics and spirit and lets us see and touch the treasures of world culture. No wonder, one of the exhibition slogans says, “Calligraphy is an Art of Perfection”.

We are happy to congratulate the project team, calligraphy writers coming from all over the world as well as calligraphy lovers to the Grand Opening of this tremendous Event!

The Official Grand Opening Ceremony of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy
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