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The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was officially opened!

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was officially opened on December 9th. The first words about the show that come to one’s mind are: elegance, grace, style…

At the beginning of the ceremony cellist Denis Shapovalov played Bach.

Andrei Busyghin, Deputy Minister of Culture, addressed the audience with a welcome speech. Besides, he read off a telegram from the Minister of Culture Alexandr Avdeev.

Joseph Tavor from the Israeli Cultural Centre of Russia presented a new artwork of his talented compatriot Avraham-Hersh Borshevsky to the museum. The presents were not over though. Mr. Manohar Desai, calligrapher from India also granted the museum two of his works.

After the speech of the project leader and initiator Alexey Shaburov, his business partner and President of MVK Andrei Lapshin welcomed the museum and all the comers. After that the project team stepped on the stage and everyone was able to recall the best moments of the September exhibition watching a film about it.

The opening ceremony was attended by many famous calligraphers. Yevgeny Dobrovinsky, Pyotr Chobitko, Yuri Koverdyayev, Nazip Ismagilov, Andrea and Volker Thomas Wunderlich came purposely to the exhibition. Israeli calligraphy was represented by Avraham-Hersh Borshevsky and the Indian calligrapher Manohar Desai is worth mentioning here again. It is not yet a full list of famous and talented masters who kindly visited the event.

Besides, among the guests of the ceremony were diplomats and journalists.

In conclusion we would like to note that the museum of calligraphy opened in hard conditions of the world crisis proves that people always seek for beauty and culture. It is great that the project team headed by Alexey Shaburov remembers the mission of the project set at the very beginning: “forming of a beautiful and healthy society” and does its utmost to bring the idea to life.

The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was officially opened!
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