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ETAT from the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation.

Dear Friends!

I am glad to welcome the participants and guests of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy. This exhibition promises to be an important event in the cultural life of Russia.

Restoration and preservation of historical traditions of Russian script, promotion of cultural and ethnographic values and art of calligraphy will help the strengthening of the position of the Russian language in Russia. Calligraphic traditions have been handed down from generation to generation, and they shouldn’t be forgotten. The masters of the national schools of calligraphy will give their master classes where they will reveal the secret of their art to the young artists. I wish all the participants the realization of their ideas and dreams and bright impressions on the visitors =1808-01-71/01-АА MINISTER OF CULTURE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION A.A. AVDEEV-
НННН 1439 03.09.0019

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