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The presentation of the first and unique handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation

On 11th September 2008 at 12.00 in the press-centre of PH AiF the first and onlyhandwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation was presented. This project is a result of collective efforts made by team of calligraphers and editors at the head with a Presidium Chairman of National Union of Calligraphers Pyotr Chobitko. Russian handwritten Constitution is a part of the socially educative forum of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

Those who took part in the press-conference:

  • Director of RF Culture Ministry Modern Art and International Culture bonds department Alexey Shalashov,
  • Presidium Chairman National Union of Calligraphers Pyotr Chobitko,
  • Director of Contemporary museum of calligraphy Alexey Shaburov,
  • Doctor of pedagogic sciences, candidate of Art History, professor, member of Russian Artist Unity Nikolay Taranov,
  • Chinese calligrapher, member of the Double Writings Society of China, continuer of great dynasty of Chinese calligraphers Chen Wen-fu,
  • Editor of PH Rare Books from St. Petersburg Petr Suspicyn,
  • Vice general director of Sokolniki MEC Alexander Kvasnikov.

Each participant concentrated on the fact that due to activity and positive attitude of the Project authors revival of writing traditions and calligraphic development in Russia have a perspective future.

It was pointed out that the creation of the National Union of Calligraphers handwritten variant of the Principle Law is destined to become an honourable symbol of reviving Russia, a significant event in the history of national statehood and national book publishing.

The sophisticated folio will be an exclusive exponent and will occupy an honourable place in the exposition of the International Calligraphic Exhibition.

Soon video-material on the press-conference and a presentation of handwritten variant of Constitution will be published.

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