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The Establishment of the Calligraphers’ Union

The Calligraphers’ Union is intended to unite masters of writing from all over the world and lay the foundations of development of the calligraphers’ movement in this country. The idea of its establishment was initiated on May 14th, 2008, at the presentation of the International Calligraphy Exhibition. The participants signed a manuscript that confirms the start of implementation of this project.

Wording of the document:

“In May 2008, the Calligraphers’ Union was established in Russia. It consolidated calligraphy masters and teachers, custodians and admirers of one of the most refined arts. Many nations appreciated calligraphy at all times not only for refined and beautiful writing but also as a form of sacral doing that helps consolidate the spirit of the nation and also serves as a type of spiritual improvement. Establishment of the Union is aimed at the revival of the art of calligraphy in Russia, creating conditions for its development and admitting everybody who is willing to learn the beauty of writing. The main mission of this Union is to shape a beautiful, aesthetically educated and high-spirited community in Russia“.

The idea of creating the first hand-made Constitution by the Calligraphers’ Union is a tribute of respect to the history and traditions of our multinational community.

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