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The Mystery of world calligraphy at the opening of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

Some say that when one dreams of something this something is half-real so this doesn’t make one unhappy, but when the dream has gone it leaves one sad since the expectation is harder to suffer. On 1st August the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy was opened. Newspapers wrote “an event that all the amateurs of beautiful hand-writing had long dreamt of finally happened”. Over a month ago it opened for visitors inviting them to enter and to look at the works of calligraphers.

 The incomplete exhibition that accounted for around for one-third of the works, however, left a strong impression and the visit to the exhibition has become a great event for everyone. In the beginning of September the museum closed due to the preparation of the International Calligraphic Exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Finally on 9th December the event that all the Russian script-writers and designers have been long expected will happen.

The official opening of the constant exposition of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy will take place in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park. Works many of those can be called chef-d’oeuvres will always be available for fans of hand-writing.

Of course, some will say that sites of the International Calligraphic Exhibition and Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy already have photo galleries of works, but can it be compared with the joy of coming to look at the work; look at it through the loop; notice a drop of ink, which vivid game of splashing were interrupted when the pen touched the ink and when it fulfilled its main goal: to express thought, feeling and ideas of an artist.

Speaking of thoughts and ideas we should give our attention to the museum’s specific exponent: the handwritten Constitution of Russian Federation. The country’s principal law re-written by hand is viewed in an absolutely different manner than its printed copy. Character, individuality, this is what the Constitution has acquired through its handwritten variant. The Law applied to every citizen but worked out with consideration of obeying their freedom written not by a computer-like machine but by a thinking person, this undoubtedly is worth its central place in the exposition.

The official opening of the museum will be kept in memory not only due to the great joy of Moscow acquiring one more pearl in its casket of cultural sights. Besides, this day everyone will have a chance to puzzle at the “Mystery of world calligraphy”. Jewish, Arab, European, American, Slavic calligraphy… You are to expect outstanding combinations of styles and trends, play on various specifics of works, calligraphic works whose authors stand in diametrically opposite mindsets but at the same time their creativity attracts and fascinates…

To speak generally even if you are very busy you should find an empty place in your daily life from 9th-14th December and in the section “Meeting” write down: “Fine Arts. Moscow, Culture and Exhibition Centre Sokolniki, Sokolnichesky val 1, pavilion 7”. Believe those who saw the exhibition in St Petersburg and you won’t regret it.

Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
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