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The closing of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy

The International Exhibition of Calligraphy has come to its end. Every movie, exhibition, spectacle, to speak generally every event has its memorable moment. That image that automatically recurs to you when you hear a familiar name; that is what was mentioned in the talk: “Do you remember that exhibition?” “Sure! That was when…”.

Probably no one can doubt that for the International Exhibition of Calligraphy the very moment became the presentation of first Constitution of the Russian Federation. Incomparable, unique, singular: these are some of the epithets of this Project. They are true for sure. Extremely important to Russia, the Project is original, and fancy in realization. Written with a hand of calligrapher words of Principle Law wonderfully cease to be only a judicial document while turning into something close and understandable to every person.

…Still time is an amazing thing. When there are a few months before the exhibition it lingers slowly and feels as if everything can be done in time. The less number of days that are left, the quicker they pass. While six days of the exhibition leave a strange two-sided impression. Filled up with events, every day seems to be long only till the moment it ends, when one feels pity that one hasn’t seem something or not looked at some work again or used the loop to study’s one’s handwriting.

The art of beautiful writing has been lost for so long in our country that we want to enjoy it again and again. That’s when calligraphy is practiced not only for the sake of art but evolves into the instrument of carrying main ideas of statehood to young generations, an instrument of engraining love and respect to Motherhood, it’s a pity that few companies are brave enough to put Projects like this into practice. Thank MVK and National Union of Calligraphers for the 6 days of joy granted to St Petersburg citizens and that dab of light which has carried every person who visited the halls of the Art academy the week before.

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