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Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov ran the country from 1982 through 1984.

He was born on June 2nd (15), 1914 at Nagutskaya station, Stavropol region. Soviet statesman and politician, Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee from 1982 to 1984, Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet from 1983 to 1984, Chairman of the USSR KGB from 1967 to 1982. His father was Vladimir Andropov, telegraph operator at a railway station, mother – Evgeniya Karlovna. His spouse’s name was Nina Ivanovna.

At the moment of Andropov’s appointment as the head of state, he was already very sick. The story about the American schoolgirl Samantha Smith who wrote him a letter asking about the possibility of war between the two countries is linked to his name. Andropov invited her to the USSR, so that she “can convince herself that we are for peace between the nations”, but didn’t meet her, being already very sick at the moment.

Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov developed the programme of reform for Soviet society, and he also carried out a number of actions to expose corruption in ruling circles and strengthen the discipline at workplaces. Many of his projects have never been implemented.

He was awarded the Sickle and Hammer gold medal, four Lenin orders, orders of the October Revolution, The Red Banner, and three orders of the Red Banner of Labour. He died in Moscow on February 9th, 1984.

Main events in the country under Yuri Andropov:

  • 1979-1989 – War in Afghanistan
  • 1983 – South Korean Boeing incident.

Yuri Andropov ran the country based on the USSR Constitution adopted in 1977.

“Our Constitution provides vast rights and freedoms to the Soviet citizen, but at the same time emphasizes the priority of public interest, servicing which is the highest display of civic consciousness”, said Yuri Andropov in one of his speeches, stressing that the USSR “has liquidated the abyss between the interests of the state and those of the citizen that exists under capitalism”.

Andropov, Yuri Vladimirovich
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