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Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) ran the country from 1917 to 1924.

His real name was Vladimir Ulyanov; Lenin was his party pseudonym. He was born on April 10th (22), 1870 in Simbirsk (currently Ulyanovsk). His father was Ilya Nikolayevich, the inspector of national schools, mother Maria Aleksandrovna. He was married to Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, who also was a prominent state and party figure.

Vladimir Lenin was one of the most controversial figures of the 20th century, Russian professional revolutionary, founder and mastermind of the Bolshevist party, originator of the October revolution of 1917, and one of the main leaders of the armed revolt. He was the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (government) of the RSFSR and USSR, the founder of the USSR, leader of the world proletariat.

He died on January 21st, 1924 in Gorky, a settlement just outside of Moscow. His body was embalmed and placed in the Mausoleum located on Red Square.

The main events during Vladimir Lenin’s stay in power:

  • 1917 – Great October Revolution
  • 1917-1923 – Civil War
  • 1918 – Signing of the Separatist Brest Peace Treaty with Germany
  • 1918 – Adoption of the Constitution of the RSFSR
  • 1919 – Creation of the 3rd Communist International
  • 1921 – Transition from the policy of “military communism” to the New Economic Policy
  • 1924 – End of the process of the formation of the USSR, adoption of the First Constitution of the USSR.

Publication of the first Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the RSFSR of 1918 is linked to the name of Vladimir Lenin. Its basic principles have been developed during the fight of the workers for the Soviet power, many of them are reflected in the first decrees of the Soviet power, and in the documents of the All-Russia Congresses of Soviets.

The decision on the adoption of the Constitution by congress ran as follows: “The Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People” adopted by the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Soviets in January, 1918 together with the Constitution of the Soviet Republic adopted by the 5th All-Russian Congress of Soviets make the single Fundamental Law of the Russian Soviet Federative Republic“.

The Congress charged the All-Russian Central Executive Committee with the drafting of the final version of the Constitution. The revised text of the Constitution was published on July 19th, 1918, and the Fundamental Law of RSFSR became effective.

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich
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